on 13 Feb­ru­ary 2015

Nude shoes work well with pas­tel and white shades of cloth­ing. Nude also com­pli­ments shades of intense red, pur­ple, blue or green. White shoes are def­i­nitely a sum­mer ver­sion of black. They can be paired with all colours, as long as you bal­ance the right colours together. As a rule, they look bet­ter with lighter hues of colour like pastels.

Black shoes will match any­thing and every­thing. Just be care­ful when pair­ing them with pas­tels and dif­fer­ent shades of brown as a black pair of shoes can be quite over­whelm­ing next to these shades. A black pair is always best when black is repeated some­where else in your out­fit.

Brown shoes are best suited with brown, beige, orange, or green. The trick with brown shoes is find­ing the right bal­ance between your out­fit and shoe. Lighter shades of brown are a good match for white sum­mer cloth­ing. Grey shoes are becom­ing increas­ingly pop­u­lar due to its ver­sa­til­ity with major­ity of colours.

Sil­ver shoes are ideal for white, grey, or black clothes. Sil­ver also works well with var­i­ous shades of blue and vio­let.

Gold Shoes pair well with strong colours like green, red and blue. A lit­tle bit of bal­ance is required when match­ing gold with black and white, while its sug­gested that its best to avoid golden, sandy, grey or sil­ver shades.